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Lucky 7 Ranch

Lucky 7 Ranch (3)

Key Highlights of the Lucky 7 Ranch Investment

Diverse Opportunity in a Historic Setting

Welcome to the Lucky 7 Ranch, a symbol of American heritage in Nevada’s Northern Great Basin. This vast 250,000-acre ranch is more than a land expanse; it’s a testament to American cattle ranching traditions, offering diverse opportunities from traditional ranching to potential renewable energy projects.

Versatile Land with Vast Potential

With its expansive and varied terrain, Lucky 7 Ranch is ideal for a range of activities, including sustainable agriculture, ecotourism, and solar farming, especially given its proximity to an electrical substation.

Renowned Cattle Ranching with Sustainability

The ranch supports 3,360 Animal Units and combines time-honored practices with modern, sustainable methods. This approach not only ensures the quality of livestock but also prioritizes environmental stewardship.

Strategic Location Near Key Resources

Lucky 7 Ranch’s location near the McDermitt Lithium Project positions it advantageously for economic growth. This proximity offers potential benefits from the expanding battery industry, enhancing the investment’s appeal.

A Sustainable Investment with Growth Potential

Investing in Lucky 7 Ranch means engaging with a legacy of ranching, while embracing opportunities in sustainability and regional economic development.

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The operations at Lucky 7 Ranch are a seamless integration of traditional methods and modern efficiency. Boasting decades of experience, the ranch has refined cattle ranching into an efficient and sustainable practice. Employing advanced irrigation systems and adhering to responsible land management practices, Lucky 7 ensures high productivity while maintaining a commitment to environmental stewardship.

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Lucky 7 Ranch presents a distinct investment opportunity in a stable and historically profitable industry. Benefiting from the advantageous tax structure of Nevada, the ranch is characterized by low operating costs and a substantial potential for financial growth. Priced at $28,600,000, this investment encompasses all land, water rights, and operational assets, making it a comprehensive and lucrative venture.

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At Lucky 7 Ranch, historical richness and recreational opportunities coalesce. Situated on land that was once part of the historic Miller and Lux estate, the ranch offers a plethora of wildlife experiences and outdoor activities, including hunting for mule deer, antelope, and game birds. Each aspect of the ranch resonates with its historical legacy, providing a unique blend of past and present, and offering an immersive adventure experience.

Exceptional Investment Opportunity for Investment Managers

Diverse Economic Potential and Stability

The Lucky 7 Ranch, spanning nearly 250,000 acres of rich and varied terrain, offers a unique investment opportunity. Its extensive area supports a robust cattle ranching operation and provides potential for various agricultural and recreational developments. This diversity in land use presents a stable and multi-faceted revenue stream, ideal for investment firms looking for long-term, sustainable investments.

High-Quality Cattle Ranching with Proven Track Record

The ranch's established cattle operation, known for high-quality livestock, exemplifies a business model based on efficiency and sustainability. This track record, combined with modern facilities and practices, ensures a reliable and growing income source, crucial for firms seeking consistent investment returns.

Rich Historical Legacy and Cultural Value

Investing in the Lucky 7 Ranch is an investment in American history. With roots in the era of Miller and Lux, the ranch holds significant historical and cultural value, symbolizing enduring success in the cattle industry. This legacy enhances portfolio value, offering more than just financial gains.

Proximity to the McDermitt Lithium Project

Located near the McDermitt Lithium Project, one of the largest lithium deposits in the US, the ranch is strategically positioned for potential growth driven by this development. This project's role in the US battery industry suggests regional economic expansion, providing a compelling opportunity for investors.

Tax Advantages and Appreciation Potential

Situated in Nevada, the ranch benefits from an advantageous tax structure, enhancing investment returns. The land's inherent value, coupled with appreciation potential, offers a hedge against market fluctuations, aligning with strategic investment objectives.

Environmental and Recreational Opportunities

The ranch's vast landscapes and commitment to environmental stewardship, along with recreational offerings, increase its appeal. These elements contribute to the ranch's value and open doors for ecotourism and conservation projects, resonating with environmentally conscious investment strategies.

Solar Farm Opportunity at Lucky 7 Ranch

The 6,000 acres of land within the Lucky 7 Ranch, encompassing an electrical substation, present a prime opportunity for developing a solar farm. This substantial acreage, coupled with direct access to an existing electrical infrastructure, significantly simplifies one of the major challenges often faced in solar farm development: connecting to the power grid.

Solar Farms in Oregon and Nevada

Oregon and Nevada, with their favorable climates and supportive renewable energy policies, are ideal locations for solar farm development. Both states have been actively encouraging renewable energy projects, including solar power, through various incentives and programs.

Oregon’s Solar Potential:

  • Oregon’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) aims for 50% renewable energy by 2040, creating a favorable environment for solar investments.
  • The state offers tax incentives and rebates for solar energy systems, encouraging both commercial and residential solar development.

Nevada’s Solar Landscape:

  • Nevada, known for its sunny climate, ranks among the top states in the U.S. for solar energy potential.
  • The state’s RPS targets 50% renewable energy by 2030, accelerating the adoption of solar energy projects.
  • Nevada also provides tax abatements for solar energy facilities, reducing the cost burden on developers.

Advantages of Proximity to a Substation

Having a solar farm adjacent to a substation like the one on Lucky 7 Ranch offers several key benefits:

  • Reduced Infrastructure Costs: Proximity to a substation significantly lowers the costs associated with building new transmission lines or upgrading existing ones.
  • Efficient Energy Distribution: Direct access to a substation allows for more efficient and reliable transfer of generated solar power to the grid.
  • Attractive to Investors: The reduced complexity and cost of grid connection make such projects more appealing to investors and financing entities.
  • Faster Project Implementation: Minimizing infrastructure development leads to quicker project completion and faster return on investment.

Nearby McDermitt Lithium Project: A Boost for Local Economy

Proximity to Oregon / Nevada Border

Located near the Lucky 7 Ranch, the McDermitt Lithium Project sits in Malheur County, Oregon, close to the Nevada border. It's approximately 35 km from the McDermitt town, at the north end of the volcanic McDermitt Caldera. This proximity positions the ranch to potentially benefit from the economic ripple effects of the project.

Initiated with a four-hole drilling program in September 2018, the project has expanded significantly. It now encompasses 62 holes drilled over five programs, leading to a substantial increase in its Mineral Resource Estimate (MRE). As of February 2023, the project is recognized as one of the largest lithium deposits in the United States, based on contained lithium.

This enhancement of the MRE underscores the project's potential as a future lithium supply source, crucial for the growing US battery manufacturing sector. Given the United States' reliance on imported lithium for battery production, the development of the McDermitt Project could be a game-changer, bringing economic growth to the region. Such progress could positively impact local businesses, including the Lucky 7 Ranch, by increasing demand for local resources and services.

Projected Growth and Opportunities in 2023/24

  • Advancement in metallurgical studies aimed at optimizing processing and cost-efficiency.
  • Collaboration with POSCO under a MoU, reviewing ongoing test results.
  • Comprehensive technical and financial analyses to incorporate the latest MRE and metallurgical findings.
  • Planned infill and extensional drilling, enhancing the project's scope (pending Exploration Plan of Operations approval).
  • Continuation of environmental and cultural studies initiated in 2022.
  • Strengthened engagement with the community, including potential synergies with local establishments like Lucky 7 Ranch.

Resources and Reserves

McDermitt Mineral Resource

Lithium Carbonate Equivalent (LCE)
as of 27 February 2023

Cut-Off Grade: 1,000 ppm Li

Indicated Resource

Tonnage (Mt)1,470
Li Grade (ppm)1,420
LCE (Mt)11.1

Inferred Resource

Tonnage (Mt)1,540
Li Grade (ppm)1,270
LCE (Mt)10.4

Indicated & Inferred Resource

Tonnage (Mt)3,000
Li Grade (ppm)1,340
LCE (Mt)21.5