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Winecup Gamble Ranch

The Winecup Gamble Ranch is located in the northeast corner of Nevada. The sheer magnitude of the ranch, at nearly one million acres, can be seen in its size at roughly 58 miles from east to west and 32 miles from north to south.

This offering was a rare opportunity to own one of the most historic large-scale ranches available in the Nation. At the time of sale, this ranch held an astounding 52,000 AUMs and over 9,000 head of cattle.

Summercamp Ranch

Summer Camp Ranch was a rare offering, very few year-round grazing ranches of this scale where no water hauling or trucking cattle come available often. Summer Camp is located in Owyhee County, Idaho and Elko County, Nevada. More specifically, the headquarters is approximately 70 miles South and West of Twin Falls Idaho and about 5 miles north of the Nevada/Idaho Stateline in the Three Creek area.

We were able to help the 4th & 5th Generation family ownership successfully sell the over 24,000 AUM working ranch. Listed at $16,800,000 made this ranch a top sale in Owyhee County.