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Who We Are

We are 42 North Land Company, a cornerstone of Westerra Real Estate Group. We are not just real estate professionals; we are custodians of the land, dedicated to serving the heart of America’s agricultural heritage. Our team stands united under a common cause: to provide unmatched expertise in the agricultural, farm, and ranch real estate sectors. With years of hands-on experience, we bring the spirit of hard work, innovation, and excellence to every acre we tend.

We’ve meticulously built a group of real estate professionals, each selected for their unique expertise, passion, and dedication to excellence. Our team’s diverse backgrounds allow us to cover every aspect of real estate with unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness. From specialists in agricultural land to experts in residential properties, we’re equipped to handle all your real estate needs with precision and personal attention. Our strategy ensures that we’re not just facilitating transactions but creating lasting relationships and providing a seamless, successful real estate experience for every client. At 42 North Land, we’re your committed partners in navigating the real estate landscape.

Our Journey

Our story is deeply rooted in the soil of the American West, from the fertile expanses of Nevada to the rolling fields of Idaho. 42 North Land Company was born from a vision to support and enhance the agricultural community by offering specialized real estate services. Our history is rich with stories of individual expertise, coming together to form a collective mastery in agricultural land stewardship.

Our Expertise

Our focus is the land and those who cultivate it. We specialize in vast agricultural territories, ranging from sprawling farms to meticulously managed ranches. Our team’s expertise is as diverse as the landscapes we represent. We have proudly facilitated transactions across millions of acres, embodying the hopes and dreams of our clients. From overseeing robust farm operations to the detailed sale of ranches, our knowledge is extensive and finely tuned to meet the specialized needs of the agricultural sector.

Our Commitment

At 42 North Land Company, our pledge is to build enduring relationships anchored in our steadfast commitment to the agricultural community. Our role transcends mere transactions; we are trusted advisors, steadfast guides, and partners vested in the success of every client we serve. We champion a seamless process that is transparent and grounded in a deep-seated trust, bolstered by our thorough understanding of the agricultural real estate market.

Our Impact

Our transactions, exceeding $200 million, have not only shaped the real estate market but also the very fabric of rural life. Our team’s diligent work has facilitated deals that have redefined the landscapes of communities, fostering growth and prosperity in the agricultural regions we are privileged to serve. At 42 North Land Company, we’re not just changing property lines; we’re empowering the guardians of our agricultural future.

Our Team


Clay Nannini

Broker / Owner

Call – (208) 539-7162

Email – Clay@42northlandco.com

Clay Nannini grew up outside of Wells, Nevada.  While attending the University of Nevada Las Vegas on a rodeo scholarship, he obtained his real estate broker license, kicking off his successful career in brokering sales of farms, ranches and horse properties.  After obtaining his Bachelor’s Degree in 1997, he moved to Kimberly, Idaho where he started his family and the small farm and cattle operation he still has today.

Active and licensed in both Nevada and Idaho for over 20 years, Clay has specialized in all things related to agriculture, including a vast knowledge of federal and state grazing, water rights and irrigation, as well as equine and bovine needs.  Clay has brokered the sale or lease of over two million acres throughout Nevada and Idaho consisting of farmland, dairies, feed lots, ranches and rangeland totaling over $200,000,000. With the combined knowledge of managing farms and ranches throughout his life and facilitating the renovation, construction and irrigation on multiple projects, there is no doubt Clay is the best choice for all of your agricultural real estate needs.


Amber Sawyer


Call – (775) 772-6601

Email – Amber@42northlandco.com

With an impressive 20 years of experience in various real estate-related industries, Amber Sawyer brings a fresh perspective and expertise to the exceptional 42 North Land Company team at Westerra Real Estate Group.  Specializing in residential properties and small acreages, Amber’s passion for real estate and her commitment to delivering exceptional service make her the perfect fit for our mission to provide top-notch experiences to our clients. Her wealth of knowledge and deep understanding of the industry will undoubtedly benefit our clients as they navigate the exciting journey of buying or selling their homes. But Amber’s expertise extends beyond just the transactional side of real estate. She believes in building lasting relationships with her clients, ensuring their needs are met even after the deal is done. She understands that purchasing or selling a property is a significant decision in people’s lives, and she is committed to making the process as smooth and stress-free as possible. Amber’s professionalism, industry knowledge, and outstanding customer service will elevate your real estate experience to new heights.


Brett Bartholomew


Call – (208) 421-4503

Email – Brett@42northlandco.com

As a recent graduate of The University of Montana Western, with a bachelor’s degree in business, complemented by a minor in Farm and Ranch Operations, Brett Bartholomew brings a unique combination of academic knowledge and hands-on experience to this dynamic team. Born and raised in Filer, Idaho, Brett grew up in the rodeo and ranching world and has the practical knowledge of a well-rounded agricultural professional. His experience not only benefits farm and ranch transactions, but also positions him to excel in identifying ideal properties for families seeking spaces tailored for their horses and livestock. Brett’s comprehensive grasp of business fundamentals and familiarity with the intricacies of farm and ranch operations, positions him as a remarkable asset within the realm of real estate. His enthusiastic pursuit of a holistic understanding of the industry, spanning from boundary line adjustments to intricate mapping methodologies, highlights his commitment to becoming a master of this craft. 42 North Land Company is privileged to have Brett’s fresh insights and dedication to excelling in the realm of real estate.

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