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Big Desert Ranch



Located approximately 15 miles NorthEast of Rupert Idaho, at the Eastern edge of the Magic Valley, is the headquarters of the Big Desert Ranch. Spanning nearly 60,000 acres, the boundaries of the ranch reach the SouthWestern edge of the Craters of the Moon National Park, East nearing the Western edge of Massacre Rock State Park, then following the Snake River West to Lake Walcott State Park. The “Big Desert” is cumulatively carrying 1400 mother cows plus its bulls and replacement heifers. This oering presents the rare opportunity to own an essentially contiguous cow/calf operation that boasts abundant grazing permits with early turn out dates that extend through mid December. Most years the ranch takes advantage of its close proximity to neighboring corn stalks and grain stubble in the winter allowing most of the hay produced to be sold. Amongst other efficiencies, “The Big Desert” has proven to be a legitimate and profitable operation. Another benefit, but often overlooked, is the Ranch’s proximity to vendor services. Most ranches of this scale are often located in a remote area, where even minor breakdowns can stifle an operation. Almost every agricultural vendor imaginable is within 30 minutes away.

  • Dry private land equates to 1900AUM’s (240hd for 8 months)
  • BLM equates to 9215 AUM’s 1200 head 8 months
  • Plus aftermath of farm ground (500 acres x 1/2 ton) = 500 AUM’s
  • Feeding hay 90 days at 1/2 ton per cow = 2100 Tons (ranch raises 3000 ton)
  • 11,615 AUM’s /8months=1452 hd
  • Currently Ranch accommodates approximately 1400 + pairs year round
  • 8+months outside
  • BD- 3400 total private acres – approx 500 irrigated with pivots
  • Another 890 private dry acres leased.

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