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Ten Mile Ranch


Ten Mile Ranch – A Gem in Oregon’s Ranching Landscape


Welcome to the magnificent Ten Mile Ranch, a sprawling and efficient cattle ranch located east of Highway 95 in Malheur County, Oregon, near the Nevada border. This property encompasses a vast area of 2,512 +/- deeded acres, supplemented by an impressive 49,060 +/- acres of overlapping grazing allotment. Known for its exceptional cattle operations, the ranch supports about 550 animal units and is renowned for its high-quality calf production. Set against the scenic backdrop of the Owyhee desert, Trout Creek Mountains, and Santa Rosa Range, Ten Mile Ranch is a perfect blend of natural beauty and agricultural productivity.

Historical Significance

The region around Ten Mile Ranch is steeped in history. McDermitt, Nevada, formerly known as “Dugout,” was renamed in honor of Lieutenant Colonel Charles McDermitt. The town, originally established to support the nearby Fort McDermitt, played a vital role in guarding the historic stagecoach route connecting Virginia City to the Silver City Territory in Idaho. The Lucky 7 Ranch, part of which later became Ten Mile Ranch, has roots tracing back to the renowned Miller and Lux land company, a behemoth in cattle ranching history.

Ranch Operations and Legacy

The current ranch operations began shaping up in 1961 when the Bureau of Land Management organized the range land, leading to the formation of the Lucky 7 Ranch. Over the years, the ranch changed hands and expanded, notably with the acquisition of the Ten Mile Ranch and Vance Ranch by the Harry family in 2004, making it one of the largest in the Great Basin.

Today, the Ten Mile Ranch, once an integral part of the larger Lucky 7 Ranch, is available for sale, carrying with it a rich legacy and a history of quality cattle breeding.

Cattle Ranching Excellence

Ten Mile Ranch’s cattle operation is a model of efficiency and quality. The annual cycle begins in early February with calving and continues through the year, marked by a high weaning percentage and substantial average weights for calves. The ranch utilizes the Sherburn Grazing Allotment for extensive grazing at economical costs, highlighting its commitment to sustainable cattle ranching.

Water Resources and Agricultural Productivity

Livestock on the ranch have access to water thanks to a network of dirt tanks and a pipeline system connected to a storage tank. This arrangement guarantees a consistent water supply for the animals. Additionally, the ranch boasts 180 +/- acres of flood-irrigated meadows and 160 +/- acres equipped with a pivot irrigation system, enabling efficient hay production.

Facilities and Infrastructure

Ten Mile Ranch is equipped with excellent facilities, including comfortable employee housing, working corrals, a horse barn, a shop, and fuel storage. These amenities are essential for the smooth and efficient operation of the ranch.

Outdoor Recreation and Hunting Opportunities

For outdoor enthusiasts, Ten Mile Ranch presents exceptional hunting opportunities, with its large acreage and diverse habitats supporting various game species.


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