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Vance Ranch


Vance Ranch Property Description

Introduction: Vance Ranch, poised west of Highway 95 in Malheur County, Oregon, near the Nevada border, stands as a testament to grandeur and functionality in ranching. Encompassing 2,662 +/- deeded acres and a vast 61,676 acres +/- in grazing allotment, it operates as a cattle sanctuary, managing 770 +/- animal units and producing high-grade protein. The ranch, set against the Owyhee desert, Trout Creek Mountains, and Santa Rosa Range, embodies traditional ranching, aided by experienced cowboys, horses, and dogs. Its collaboration with the Bureau of Land Management and neighboring ranches highlights its commitment to sustainable practices, all while benefiting from Oregon’s rich ranching heritage and advantageous conditions.

Historical Background: McDermitt, Nevada, originally “Dugout,” was named after Lieutenant Colonel Charles McDermitt. The town supported Fort McDermitt, guarding a crucial stagecoach route. The Lucky 7 Ranch, part of which became Vance Ranch, has roots in the historic Miller and Lux cattle empire. Post the 1961 land division by the Bureau of Land Management, the Lucky 7 Ranch emerged, changing hands over the years and growing to include the Vance Ranch in 2004. The Vance Ranch is now offered for sale, carrying the legacy of the Lucky 7 Ranch.

Cattle Ranching: Vance Ranch demonstrates excellence in cattle ranching, beginning its operations in early spring with nearly 770 animal units and adhering to sustainable practices. The ranch manages its cattle on part of the 15 Mile Community Grazing Allotment, highlighting its efficiency and commitment to land stewardship.

Water Resources: The ranch features a well-designed water system, including a domestic well, storage tanks, and pipelines to support both livestock and crop irrigation. This includes 50 +/- acres of wheel-line irrigated fields and 127 +/- acres under pivot irrigation.

Buildings and Infrastructure: Vance Ranch hosts essential facilities like an employee house, well-designed working corrals, a 50,000 lb scale and hydraulic squeeze chute, improvements and barns, a feedlot, and a fuel storage facility, all integral to its operations. Additionally, there is a homesite ready for potential future development.

Recreational Opportunities: Vance Ranch offers unique hunting experiences, with its vast acreage home to various game species, making it a prime hunting destination.

The Vance Ranch is not just a piece of land; it’s a living canvas of history, tradition, and sustainable ranching, offering an unparalleled opportunity to own a part of Oregon’s vast and storied landscape


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