205 Shoshone St N Unit 101 Twin Falls, Idaho

Lucky 7 Ranch

  • Property type: Farm & Ranch
  • Offer type: For Sale
  • City: Mcdermitt
  • State: Oregon
  • Deeded Acres: 6,700 +/-
  • BLM Grazing Allotment and Acres: Campbell 162,271 +/-
  • Animal Units: 2,000 +/-


Lucky 7 Ranch: A Comprehensive Overview

Introduction The Lucky 7 Ranch, located in Humboldt County, Nevada, and extending into Oregon, is a remarkable example of a functional cattle ranch. Spanning over 6,700 +/- deeded acres and an additional 162,271 acres of BLM grazing land, it is a testament to traditional ranching, skillfully managing 2,000 animal units. Set against the Owyhee desert, Trout Creek Mountains, and Santa Rosa Range, the ranch maintains the heritage of cowboy culture. Its efficient cooperation with the Bureau of Land Management and neighboring ranches marks it as a sustainable and prominent ranching operation.

The Story The ranch’s history is deeply intertwined with the West’s development. McDermitt, Nevada, where the ranch is partly situated, was named after Lieutenant Colonel Charles McDermitt and played a key role in the military’s transit between Idaho, Oregon, and Nevada. The Lucky 7 Ranch, initially part of the historic Miller and Lux land empire, underwent several ownership changes before being acquired by the Harry family in 1983, who significantly expanded it. Today, the ranch stands as a symbol of quality cattle breeding.

Cattle Ranch Operations The Lucky 7 Ranch showcases a comprehensive, efficient cattle operation, balancing quality with environmental stewardship. The cattle grazing cycle is meticulously planned, starting in early spring and continuing until late fall, ensuring optimal resource use and animal welfare. The ranch’s commitment to sustainable practices makes it an ideal investment for quality-oriented ranching.

BLM Grazing The ranch extends its operations to the vast Campbell Grazing Allotment, an essential part of its large-scale herding activities. With economical grazing costs, this allotment is a cornerstone of the ranch’s operational efficiency.

Water System The ranch boasts an extensive and sophisticated water system, crucial for its agricultural and livestock operations. With multiple wells, pipelines, troughs, and storage tanks, the ranch ensures a consistent water supply for both residential and agricultural needs, including a large-scale hay production capability.

Buildings and Improvements The Lucky 7 Ranch features comprehensive facilities, including four homes, a bunkhouse, working corrals, a well-equipped shop, and a fuel storage facility. These amenities are essential for the smooth functioning of the ranch’s extensive operations.

In conclusion, the Lucky 7 Ranch is a unique blend of history, sustainable practices, and efficient operation, offering a rare opportunity to own a significant part of the American ranching legacy.

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