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Moon River

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The subject property is a cattle ranch (two tracts) and a leasehold interest in BLM grazing permits. The main ranch is identified as the Moon River Ranch located in the Lund area of Eastern Nevada. It is about 36 miles southwest of Lund, Nevada. Access is by a gravel county road know as Moon River Ranch Road. 

This ranch includes 1041 deeded acres consisting of farmstead, irrigated cropland, subby pasture, and dry pasture. The farmstead has homes and outbuildings that are used in the operation of the ranch. The irrigated cropland is irrigated with four center pivots and 7 wheel-move sprinkler lines. Portions of the pivots and wheel-lines cross BLM land (116.14 acres). 

The BLM land is used and harvested by the ranch owner, but it is not included in the acreages shown below. The cropland is irrigated with water pumped from an onsite reservoir that is filled with water from a nearby springs. Annual pumping costs are estimated to be $20 per acre. Estimated production is 4-5 ton of alfalfa per acre, plus fall feed for livestock. 

The subby pasture receives underground moisture. It is used as summer pasture for livestock. Estimated production is 3 AUMs (Animal Unit Months) per acre. The dry pasture is also used for summer pasture. Estimated production is .20 AUMs per acre.

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  • Published: August 7, 2021
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